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#4668 DIR-868L USB 3 not working reopened USB DIR-868L 2 years ago
#4859 USB section in web interface broke after turning the USB option on new USB tab option kill httpd daemon 2 years ago
#5222 USB HUB doesn't automount all drives new USB automount 18 months ago
#5537 DDWRT v3.0-r30545M issues (eSata, USB and Access Restrictions) new eSata, USB, Access Restrictions 12 months ago
#5750 USB will not mount on any build after 29396 on TPLINK TL-WR2543 new USB Mount not mounted 6 months ago
#5800 update lib3g.c to add ZTE Z-917 new ZTE,USB Modem,lib3g.c 5 months ago
#5812 Core usb feature - big memory leak reopened usb support,memory leak 4 months ago
#5813 Ext3 and Ext4 filesystem support disabled in Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H from r31722 to r32597 new ext3 ext4 filesystem usb WZR-HP-AG300H 31825 31722 31899 31924 4 months ago
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