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BrainSlayer (1 match)

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#220 Custom Access Restrictions Denied Page. component1 enhancement Sep 20, 2007


Would be "super awesome" if the access restrictions would throw to perhaps /user/denied.htm or something similar if one of the rulesets denied a website access.

This way we could put some small crafted sexy "Get out of the porn and do some work damnit!" page in /tmp/www/ on startup or similar.

Just an idea, feel free to nix this or put out the fact its already there and I don't know.

Keep at it, the 2.4 excitement is growing, its really shaping up to be great. I really like how a lot of memory holes and fixes have been narrowed, so much vigilant and good hard work going into 2.4. I just donated too! <big smile> hehe.

Park SH (1 match)

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#4751 buffalo_wzr_hp_g450h router gets bricked on dd-wrt beta 07-09-2015-r27506 Jul 18, 2015

Hi. I use dd-wrt beta on my buffalo_wzr_hp_g450h router.

It had worked fine more than two years until i updated dd-wrt from an older version 06-05-2015-r27240 to the newest version 07-09-2015-r27506 yesterday. Nothing bad had happened before even though I updated dd-wrt to newer versions occasionally.

My router got bricked on the newest version though. After I commited webupgrade in dd-wrt GUI control panel, A red LED light on the router that indicates error, flash IO, etc... kept being turned on and all functions including routing, wireless LAN, wired LAN, GUI control panel, DHCP stopped working. I managed to roll back to the version 06-05-2015-r27240 that has no problem using a TFTP flashing method.

I used legitmate binary for G450H webupgrade (wzr_hp_g450h-dd-wrt-webupgrade-MULTI.bin md5 sum : 74CBEF0F8CAC5CDCB27BA65020914846).

When trying to roll back to an older versions, I tried the version 06-27-2015-r27456 too, and it also bricked my router. I think this problem first started in one of the versions newer than 06-05-2015-r27240 and older than 07-09-2015-r27506.

Thanks for your help.

kong (1 match)

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#5398 Multicast does not work in Client Bridge Mode Jun 10, 2016


Apple TV devices rely on Multicast for Bonjour discovery. WRT does not allow multicast traffic across a wireless client bridge. Thus Apple devices which rely on Bonjour (aka, avachi) for discovery (e.g. Apple TVs) cannot be discovered from opposite sides of the bridge. This is the one and only bug that prevents me from running WRT on my client bridge.


Linksys WRT1900ACS stock firmware supports multicast across a wireless client bridge.


  • WRT1900AC - Main Router
    • 5.0 GHz, 80 Mhz, AP
    • 2.4 GHz, disabled
    • Kong's build 29845 of 8 June '16
  • WRT1900ACS - Client Bridge
    • 5.0 GHz, 80 Mhz, AC/N Client Bridge
    • 2.4 GHz, 20 Mhz, NG AP
    • Kong's build 29845 of 8 June '16
  • AppleTV Gen 2,3,or 4
    • Connected to either side of the bridge is not discoverable on the opposite side of bridge

phuzi0n (1 match)

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#2000 Ethernet Port Speed and Duplex Setting not working Mar 14, 2011

I have been trying to set the ethernet port speed and duplex on an ASUS WL-500GP and WL-520GU using DD-WRT build 15508. I have been trying to change these settings from the System, VLAN WEB tab but unfortunately no matter what combination of port speed and duplex I choose the speed and duplex do not change.

I then took the robocfg executable from the optional kernel modules tarball available for download from http://tomatousb.org/download and copied this to dd-wrt. robocfg confirmed the DD-WRT WEB page was not changing the port speed or duplex. However, if use robocfg to change the speed and duplex then everything worked just fine.

It is very clear that DD-WRT is not changing these settings as expected. I have a need to hardcode a port to 10HD. It would be really good if this problem could be solved.

Thanks, Geoff..

Spazio (1 match)

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#4862 Build 27858 - Cambria router uses only 64Mb Sep 28, 2015

(empty) (3 matches)

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#5101 changes after r28586 to 28598 breaks ASUS RT-AC88U AC3100 Dec 27, 2015

Last svn (r28598) changes in breaks ASUS RT-AC88U/AC5300 beta support. On r28598 device failed to boot correctly / doesn't accept any pings Revert back to r28586 / r28586 works with some issues (mainly about WiFi?)

Available to give some help / details if necessary

#5102 Issue with GUI Setup -> VLANs for ASUS RT-AC88U AC3100 (r28586) Dec 27, 2015

Multiple issues with VLANs & Ports (GUI DD-WRT Setup -> VLANs)

->Display only 4 ports however this device (ASUS RT-AC88U/AC5300) is built with 8 LAN ports ->Port 1 doesn't match real Port 1, same for Port 2 ->Submiting (save button) without any change create loose of router

Available to give some help / details if necessary

#5862 Specify Standardgateway Jun 7, 2017

Hi all. i do request a feature. My DD-WRT router is not the main standard gateway. on the main setup page, gateway is set to my standardgateway. the router exists parallel to the standardgateway in the same subnet.

client connected through wlan, get the dd-wrt router as standardgateway, but i want them to become the "real" standardgateway.Thus, i have asychronious routing.

tracert google: laptop -> hop to dd-wrt router ->hop to standardgateway -> first hop internet.

the way back would be: internet ->hop standardgateway ->hop laptop.

i edited udhcpd.conf and marked out

option router xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx ( dd-wrts ip ) and set a new option router yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy (real standardgateway ) and restarted udhcpd.

Any chance to get this implemented through gui ? dd-wrt should not set itself as standardgateway when WAN-Connection is disbaled.

Thanks !

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