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Upgrade to Git with code review instead of SVN

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There was a request to move to GitHub? that was met with a rather unsurprising remark by Brainslayer.


oh very. easy. github and all the other bullshit is not owned by us. we use our own infrastructure since we work directly with these servers for building. there is no reason to relocate all our sources to a external repository. it will slow down development and increases maintainance riscs and does not reduce any costs. its our project and not githubs project and by the way. there is already a github mirror which isnt maintained by us. dont blame us for using our own servers. we dont want any dependency to any external company

My suggestion is at least MOVE AWAY FROM SVN, you can still host the Git code review server software, just like you do now, just actually use Git. There are a few frontends

The advantage is, outside contributors can easily submit a pull request with any patch, its easily manageable and doesnt require having write access to submit a patch.

SVN you can submit a patch only here in trac, is slow, no one really monitors trac that much and contributing as a non team member is utter crap and extremely painful to contribute as an independent developer.

Here is a couple of suggestions

Im sure you can even get a GitHub? like interface out there to manage issues and everything else like GitHub? just not host code in any 3rd party.

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Oh yea is also a good alternative thers are quite a few to choose from, free as in free beer and not free, but all of these are not hosted by 3rd parties.

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+1 If someone like brainslayer cant figure out how to host a Git server and have a developer friendly patch submission system and its advantages, then he clearly isnt interested in outside submissions.

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