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Add more custom QoS functions

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Hi, i am using DD-WRT on my edgerouter lite and it works very flawless. The only thing i miss is the possibility to add specific source or destination ports with source or destination adress. The "problem" is, i would like to be able to add a specific source adress and a source port from this device. Only the possibility for a port or adress is not good. Let me explain: I use a Fritzbox 7490 behind the edgemax router. The Fritzbox behind the edgerouter is used for SIP telephone and also acts as WLAN AP as an IP Client. So if i give those Fritzbox with its IP or MAC adress higher priority, also the other services of the Fritzbox have higher priority. If you prioritize a server, you may want to prioritize just a few ports higher then others. At once, you have a webserver at IP adress The server is running a few services, like HTTP, DNS, FTP and Voice (asterisk). You do NOT want to prioritize the whole server, maybe give HTTP and Voice the highest, but FTP and DNS lower priority. This is not possible. So if you own a few servers, QoS with DD-WRT is actually not really good. If you add ports or portrange, at once port 7078-7109 for RTP, then it is also possible that another client in that local network may also use that prioritized port range while surfing, because browsers also use dynamic ports. If i use layer 7 protocols, they maybe not all packets match 100% or slowdown the router. It would be nice if u could add this functionality to the great DD-WRT firmware like gargoyle also has. Is that maybe possible?

regards Klaus-Bertram

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Gargoyle is Based on Open-WRT

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It would be good to be able to configure QoS as described in Ticket. It would make it much easier to test some QoS configurations like this and it may be much more user friendly.

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