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GUI Bug: Repeater Bridge: Dynamic Routing disappears when Router is chosen

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GUI Bug: Repeater Bridge: Dynamic Routing disappears when Router is chosen


There is nothing wrong with the backend, only the GUI. When configuring a repeater bridge, if Dynamic Routing is enabled in the secondary device, clients connected to either branch (primary or secondary) can communicate freely (as long as AP Isolation is enabled in both). When Dynamic Routing is disabled, so is inter-client communication (though I found this latter part true only ~90% of the time), even with AP isolation enabled in both branches. This all seems as it should be, no problems.

However, when configured as Repeater Bridge and Router is chosen for Operating Mode (Setup | Advanced Routing), the option to set Dynamic Routing disappears. *This should not happen because the Dynamic Routing setting continues to have a direct impact on network traffic.*

The workaround is to temporarily re-set the Operating Mode as Gateway (which provides access to the Dynamic Routing setting), change it to 'Both' (for full communication between all clients), save, then return Operating Mode to Router, and Apply.

Not an earth-shaking bug, especially since there's an easy workaround, but would be nice to have the Dynamic Routing setting remain visible for easy access.

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comment:1 Changed 6 months ago by u2n-wrt

After much further testing, it appears the setting itself (LAN/WLAN-WAN-Both) is not what affects the communication, but the toggling/changing of the setting. But even changing the setting has sporadic and inconsistent effects on the communication.

The other pattern I've noticed is that by allowing time (days), communication opens up on its own. This is without rebooting, pinging, changing positions or orientation of the equipment, or any other physical input.

There's definitely something not right because all clients -- wired and wireless -- in both the primary and secondary segments should be able to communicate freely *at all times* since they're all in the same subnet.

If others are able to reproduce this bug, where wireless (especially, but sometimes wired also) clients on the primary router are sometimes unable to communicate with the secondary router (and its clients), and changing dynamic routing as described above has some effect, then maybe the UI should be changed. But the real bug here is that communication between the primary and secondary branches should be consistent.

I'll continue watching for triggers and post here any further findings. Intermittent bugs are the hardest to kill.

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Setting this as 'fixed' after flashing the latest version and finding the problem gone. Not sure how, or what was done to make it good but, everything works as it should now. So a big NM on this one, and thanks!

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