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OpenVPN client statistics limited to signed 32bit integer

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It has become evident to me that the OpenVPN client stats seen in the DD-WRT GUI is limited to a signed 32bit value (just over 2Gb)

The GUI caps this info at: 2147483647 bytes

Signed 32bit integer, which is 232 / 2 - 1 = 2147483647 limit.

Full stats from my GUI after running the client for a while, I'm sure as time goes by more of the stats will cap at this value:

VPN Client Stats:
TUN/TAP read bytes	601175017
TUN/TAP write bytes	2147483647  <-- capped
TCP/UDP read bytes	2147483647  <-- capped
TCP/UDP write bytes	787865739
Auth read bytes		2147483647  <-- capped
pre-compress bytes	275877863
post-compress bytes	277428589
pre-decompress bytes	5943491
post-decompress bytes	6901029

Seeing this in DD-WRT v3.0-r31825 std (04/06/17) -- haven't checked other version yet, but I'd assume they are all subject to the same limit.

It would also be a nice cosmetic addon to also display this in MB or GB too.

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