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Specify Standardgateway

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Hi all. i do request a feature. My DD-WRT router is not the main standard gateway. on the main setup page, gateway is set to my standardgateway. the router exists parallel to the standardgateway in the same subnet.

client connected through wlan, get the dd-wrt router as standardgateway, but i want them to become the "real" standardgateway.Thus, i have asychronious routing.

tracert google: laptop -> hop to dd-wrt router ->hop to standardgateway -> first hop internet.

the way back would be: internet ->hop standardgateway ->hop laptop.

i edited udhcpd.conf and marked out

option router ( dd-wrts ip ) and set a new option router yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy (real standardgateway ) and restarted udhcpd.

Any chance to get this implemented through gui ? dd-wrt should not set itself as standardgateway when WAN-Connection is disbaled.

Thanks !

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comment:1 Changed 7 weeks ago by bascom

sorry: dd-wrt should not set itself as standardgateway in all cases, when WAN-Connection is disbaled.

comment:2 Changed 7 weeks ago by flood404

Basically you want a dd-wrt switch device? When you disable DHCP it will become a Hub/switch. Then on some models of routers you can assign WAN port as a LAN port too. Which shows up when DHCP is disabled. Then give it a ip address of then set the subnet as the same as any other device.

So it goes this way. Laptop --> DD-wrt router with DHCP disabled assigned --> Router with DHCP enabled @ 192.l68.1.1 --> Cable modem/DSL modem internet.

This way your computers can see each other on the network. Then when you add more DD-wrt capable routers and expand the network just disable its DHCP and set the ip address and so forth.

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