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[Feature request] Option for second dnscrypt resolver for redundancy

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I think its a nice idea, to offer a second resolver option and spawn an additional dnscrypt-proxy processes in the event the primary DNSCrypt server does down/has an outage. It can be achieved manually quite easily, but for users less comfortable with command line etc. Here's how I currently do it.

Spawn multiple dnscrypt-proxy processes on incrementing loopback addresses.

dnscrypt-proxy -S -a -R d0wn-is-ns1 -L /etc/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -d
dnscrypt-proxy -S -a -R d0wn-fr-ns2 -L /etc/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -d
dnscrypt-proxy -S -a -R ipredator -L /etc/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -d
dnscrypt-proxy -S -a -R d0wn-se-ns1 -L /etc/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -d
dnscrypt-proxy -S -a -R -L /etc/dnscrypt/dnscrypt-resolvers.csv -d

Then manually add the server configs to point to each resolver. The "all-servers" option queries each resolver and determines the fastest to respond to the DNS test. It can be a bit wasteful though, as it does it each time.


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