Apr 25, 2008:

11:58 PM Changeset [9437] by BrainSlayer
sync current rdaa81 tree
11:57 PM Changeset [9436] by BrainSlayer
sync current rdaa81 tree
11:41 PM WikiStart edited by BrainSlayer
11:10 PM Ticket #546 (RC-7 MD5SUMS Need Updating) closed by anonymous
11:04 PM Changeset [9435] by botho
update to 23/04/2008 version Changes : kugoo and qq

Apr 24, 2008:

6:33 PM Ticket #546 (RC-7 MD5SUMS Need Updating) created by soulstace
I just downloaded v24 RC-7 micro generic 5 times, with two different …
2:07 PM Changeset [9434] by BrainSlayer
change back to old vlan mapping for fonera 2201

Apr 23, 2008:

8:48 PM Ticket #545 (Recent RCs make wifidog restart each 2 minutes) created by sevilla@…
The recent RCs are making wifidog restar each 2 minutes. This restart …
6:05 AM Changeset [9433] by eko
USR5430 detection fix

Apr 21, 2008:

7:55 PM Ticket #544 (Delete All not working in UPnP tab) created by anonymous
Just refreshes the page and all the forwards are still present.
7:42 PM Ticket #543 (SpeedMod for DD-WRT?) created by anonymouse
Hello BrainSlayer?. Would you consider adding some of the following …
1:10 AM Changeset [9432] by BrainSlayer
disable cts since it reduces performance
12:31 AM Ticket #542 (Fonera needs Apply Settings after boot to reinstate Client-Bridge) created by palmboy5
This may not only be for Foneras. I can successfully set the Foneras …

Apr 20, 2008:

6:35 PM Changeset [9431] by BrainSlayer
more lsx stuff
8:44 AM Ticket #541 (RC-7 13/4/2008: activate second Wireless VAP makes Fonera "crazy"....) created by Honki
When I activate VAP the is Load 100% and i can´t see some Wireless …
7:09 AM Ticket #540 (can we have filename for nokaid version to be like "nokaid_generic", ...) created by JnJn
every other version have something like "version-spec_generic(or model …

Apr 18, 2008:

6:11 PM Ticket #539 (Asus M2N-VM DVI doens't regonize devices with lspci in DD-WRT x86, ...) created by jaarli@…
Here is some base information about my issue at the forum: …

Apr 16, 2008:

3:11 PM Ticket #538 (Random function in iptables) created by tenpin784@…
Howdy, As of V24 RC4, it appears that one can not do random in the …
8:47 AM Changeset [9430] by eko
WRT160N power led
12:42 AM Changeset [9429] by BrainSlayer
wifidog 1.1.5
12:33 AM Changeset [9428] by BrainSlayer
pb42 related

Apr 15, 2008:

11:44 PM Changeset [9427] by BrainSlayer
future LSX support experiments and vlan changes for fonera, dir400 and …
11:44 PM Changeset [9426] by BrainSlayer
future LSX support experiments and vlan changes for fonera, dir400 and …
8:13 PM Ticket #537 (Configuration restore doesn't re-establish WDS links) created by anonymous
ekoRC7-9396dd-wrt.v24-9396_VINT - When restoring configuration from …
3:06 PM Ticket #536 (repeater bridge mode ignore wl0.2 and wl0.3) created by anonymous
Current setup: dd-wrt v24 beta (2007-0815) on buffalo WHR-G125. …
7:12 AM Ticket #535 (Bandwidth Monitoring to include LAN-to-LAN (Request)) created by palmboy5
Can the "Bandwidth Monitoring - LAN" graph on the Bandwidth page …
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